City of Navasota, Economic Development Corporation launch Community Job Board

 9:07 PM CDT April 19, 2023

NAVASOTA, Texas — As of August 2022, Navasota had an unemployment rate of 5.2%, a number that was noticeably higher than the national average of 3.7%.

Now, the city looks to change these numbers for the better with a new community job board. 

“Over the last several years we’ve seen a quite a bit increase in the number of businesses our populations increasing, and with that our sales tax numbers have been on the rise," explained Economic Development Director Rayna Teicheira. "Currently right now we’re sitting on a 16% increase compared to last year.”

The city wants to build their workforce to support these growing businesses and help the growing population coming to Navasota.

“The economic development corporation and the city of Navasota came together to launch a community job board called and so with that it’s a recruitment tool where businesses can sign up give information on their company post jobs,” Teicheira said. 

The Economic Development Director also hopes that the job board will have a positive effect on the community's economy, providing benefits for business big and small.

“Kind of what spurred this a little bit on the small business side and a lot of our downtown businesses with the growth we’re seeing in downtown Navasota, just being able to hire part-time employees and so that in combination with our large employers in our industrial park, they’ve also had a need for workforce. Its also hitting both sides," said Teicheira. "Also in the public sector looking at the school districts, job openings looking for teachers and employees and then also on the city side we’re able to use it as a tool as well so its benefitting a large sector.” 

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